Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations, Installations, Upgrades and More!

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Have you been considering renovating your kitchen? Maybe the thought of updating the worn out cabinetry has crossed your mind once or twice? Are you ready for new kitchen cabinetry that makes your dreams come true? Call us for more info on kitchen renovations!

With our no obligation estimates, we will be glad to show you what’s possible! We offer a few different lines of cabinetry including fully custom built to assemble on site cabinets. A full range of color choices and different styles for you to narrow down what you love. You have the choice between high end RTA cabinetry or cheaper more budget friendly RTA cabinets. Cabinets can also be assembled from the factory and directly shipped to your home! And their are more choices in mouldings, dovetail drawers, soft close hardware, knobs, handles and more!

With other kitchen installers you only get that the kitchen cabinets!

What we can do is; handle the flooring installation, wall removals or relocation, sheetrock repairs, painting, backsplash installation and sometimes hook up your plumbing. We offer a full renovation package! This makes your mind at ease and a more stress free process of renovating your home. There’s more we can do too!

What if I want re-facing to keep costs lower?

That’s a wonderful option! If your kitchen cabinets are in good enough condition we can supply you with all new doors, drawers, trims, soft closing hardware for a fraction of what it would be to renovate. We would paint to match the new door colors. We have a few options for that as well with different paint quality and selection. Sprayed or rolled has its price difference as well. Re-facing is a wonderful option if you want to save money keep you existing layout and countertops. Just ask us and we will be glad to explain the options!

Can you just paint my cabinetry?

YES! We can do that too! Again, you have options between cheaper paints vs higher end cabinetry paints that need to be professionally sprayed. There is a wide range of options but this is the cheaper option to a new look if you want to get 3 or 10 more years out of your cabinets. We don’t just paint kitchen cabinets. We can also paint bathroom cabinets, entertainment centers, laundry room cabinets, office cabinetry and more. One big positive is that colors choices are unlimited!

I just want to get new drawers and hardware, is that ok?

YES! Not a problem. We offer plywood boxes or maple dovetail boxes. Slides can be soft close undermounts or side mounts. We will upgrade door hardware to soft close features. Swapping out handles or knobs is no problem either! These upgrade will enhance the feel of you cabinetry as well as create a quieter kitchen. Usually this will be an easy install and only take a day!

Not just kitchen renovations!

As you can see there’s more to a kitchen renovations! As well as, different ideas and solutions to your problems. Our experience is 20 years making, custom building, assembling, finishing and installing kitchen cabinetry as well as other home improvements.