Home Repairs

Home Repairs

Home Repairs

We offer home repairs at a reasonable cost! All homes settle, grounds shift, things crack. Paint fades, caulk dries, wood warps etc.. Lets face it, homes need repairs and maintenance every now and then. Even in new homes you will see drywall cracks gaps start to appear between seams and more! this is normal movement of your home settling. Some more so than others. Also depends on the build quality and materials used. Did you house go unheated while it was vacant for a year or too while it sat on the market waiting to be sold? Pipes can burst, mold can form, rodents can do damages causing further issues. We don’t want to scare you but these are all common and some are preventable!

Routine Home Repairs and Maintenance

Fixing siding and roofing problems can prevent water intrusions! Fixing holes, cracks can prevent rodents and bugs. Replacing door seals or insulation can prevent cold air coming in and save on fuel for the winter. Caulking around your bathtub or countertops an prevent water from destroying sheetrock, walls or floors. Staining or painting decks, siding or trims can help make them last longer and keep things weather tight. Adjusting door hinges, knobs will keep your doors from sticking and and squeaking or not locking properly. And more…

Home Repairs and Solutions We Offer

We offer a lot! just ask!


  • Replacing doors and windows
  • Installing or replacing storm doors
  • Fixing wooden doors
  • Replacing and fixing screens
  • Painting and staining decks
  • painting and staining fences
  • Painting and staining house trims and siding
  • Repairing soffits and gutters (ranch level only)
  • Fixing decks and railings
  • Fixing columns and posts
  • Repairing damaged wood from rot or storms
  • Repairing siding
  • Installing awnings and accessories
  • Installing and repairing supportive decking components
  • Replacing locks and door hardware


  • Fixing and installing flooring
  • Fixing and installing doors
  • Fixing cabinetry
  • Installing trim
  • Painting
  • Fixing cracked or loose tiles
  • Re-grouting
  • Installing cabinets and built-ins
  • Installing sheetrock
  • Repairing sheetrock
  • Repairing damaged subflooring
  • Replacing and installing handrails
  • Installing handicap accessories
  • Installing hardware
  • building shelving units in garages
  • Insulating attics

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